Ranking MARCH in Film (Spoiler Free)


I don’t want to write an introduction so you get this! FIVE… Beep-Boop-Beep! FOUR… Bong-Diggy-Bong-Diggy-Bong! THREE… Bwa-Bwa-Bwa! TWO… Dingy-Dingy-Dingy-Dingy! ONE… Woof! Don’t care!

05. Game Night

From the people who brought us Horrible Bosses comes another comedy with bad taste. To be fair, Horrible Bosses 1 & 2 are guilty pleasures of mine. However, Game Night is not. Bad taste and bad execution gives us a bland comedy with a wasted premise and underwhelming performances. When Clint Martinez’s score only adds to the staleness, you have failed. Moments shine with Jesse Plemons though he is not present enough to save the film from what it is… yet another forgettable comedy. 2/5

04. Tomb Raider

I have no nostalgia for the Tomb Raider franchise, having only just played Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) a few days before viewing. Nevertheless, I found the reboot of the films based on the reboot of the games was… fine. Alicia Vikander is great though a little off for what I see Lara Croft as. Walton Goggins is decent but wasted, not nearly enough for him to reach the potential we know he has. Unnecessary sub-plots, set-up and twists bog down a film that even without wouldn’t be great. A moment shines but nothing lingers. 2.5/5

03. Annihilation

A Netflix release did nothing good for this film. For this reason I believe my viewing experience and judgement of the film is unfair as I was unable to experience the film the way it was made to be experienced. Two fantastic sequences could have been highlights of my 2018 cinematic experience but as I viewed them at home, I cannot watch it with the nostalgia of the emotions I could have felt if the film was exhibited properly. No performances shine through particularly, still the film presents unique ideas that even with a poor exhibition and dodgy execution, are expressed thoughtfully. 4/5

02. You Were Never Really Here

More of a photographer than a director, Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here comesacross as a series of photos rather than a film. The photos are beautiful but as a person who likes to experience films as a fully realised form of art, the film falls flat in execution. I do appreciate the film for its style and abstract storytelling and can see the pieces of the puzzle that shine. For me however, the choice of style over substance causes the performances to never reach their potential and for the story to never feel fully realised. A great and original score by Jonny Greenwood though! 4/5

01. Isle of Dogs

As a recent Wes Anderson fan, Isle of Dogs was a delight. So far this year (and maybe even last year) I have never been able to kick back and just enjoy a well made and well executed film… until now. I loved Isle of Dogs, I loved almost everything about it. The animation was a delight. The comedy was a delight. Kids will enjoy what’s on the surface/looking at dogs for 90 minutes and adults will enjoy the deeper story/what’s underneath. Haven’t been to see a kids film in a while with such swagger… but it isn’t a kids film is it. Just… fun! Alexandre Desplat (the one who steals Zimmer’s oscars) wins… again. 5/5


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