Ranking JANUARY in Film (Spoiler Free)


I slacked in January. I just didn’t feel like writing anything on these films. I’ve promised myself I’ll do better in February but couldn’t let January slip by. So, I did a very brief round up of the four films I saw this month. I didn’t get a chance to see everything so, baring that in mind, here’s January!

04. Downsizing

This film just didn’t know what it was. It had an unoriginal and uninteresting plot with an interesting but wasted spin on it. The whole idea of small people never really takes off. It’s as if they knew the film was boring and thought if they set it in a world full of small people it would make it entertaining. They were wrong. Stopping to think about it, I wouldn’t know where to take the plot of turning small. But, that wasn’t my job. Just… stale. 2/5

03. The Greatest Showman

As a musical, the film delivers on its songs. I have found myself humming or quite literally singing the songs. But, the film fails to follow through with its themes and overall story. A film about looking at the beauty in the strange and the different glosses over these things for unnecessary plot points. The world attempts to make its artificial look its visual style and fails to make the success of the characters feel earned. 3/5

02. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The most critically acclaimed Martin McDonagh film just so happens to be my least favourite of his work so far. The film still has his classic relentless style of black comedy and the violence and profanity is never held back. It’s the contrast between the dark plot and the comedy that makes the film feel disrespectful. McDonagh’s style worked with the worlds of his previous films, but here it felt uncalled for. 4/5

01. Hostiles

What a pleasant surprise! The journey of the characters is translated marvellously and with great immersion across to its audience. Max Richter has given us a great score this year, already. Though the film looks fantastic, it sacrifices its main plot for its subplots rearing the story off track and failing to fulfil emotional payoff and character arcs. Never have simple conversations been more entertaining. 4.5/5


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