6 Changes to IMPROVE The Last Jedi/ Star Wars RANKING (Spoilers)


On my first viewing of The Last Jedi I hated its guts. On my second viewing of The Last Jedi I thought it was okay. On my third viewing of The Last Jedi I liked it! But, on my fourth and final viewing I didn’t like it. It’s a structural mess with no main character and inconsistent characterisation. So, in an attempt to improve it, here are the changes I would make to improve The Last Jedi.

1. The Dreadnaught is not destroyed

The dreadnaught looked intimidating as fuck! If it hadn’t been destroyed, this would have been an intimidating presence to have the Resistance fleet running from, along with Snoke’s ship, Hux’s star destroyer, and the rest of the First Order fleet. If Poe and the Resistance bombers failed to destroy it in the beginning, it would have established its might and would have established the First Order’s domination over the Resistance. This would have also made Poe’s realisation of that sometimes you shouldn’t be a hero all the more satisfying as he would have failed to destroy the dreadnaught and lost most of the Resistance fighters.

2. Maz or Lando replaces DJ as the Master Code-breaker

Maz Kanata was a character who I didn’t really care about in The Force Awakens, but I was very interested in what they were going to do with her in The Last Jedi. Turns out she has less than 1 minute of screen time and she more or less does nothing. If we just swap the interchangeable character of DJ with Maz, we can have more screen time with an already introduced character and therefore make the already overloaded film less overloaded. This would also cut out Kanto Bight which I think everyone agrees was just shit. If you want to include it, have them find Lando there and have him break them in because… Lando.

3. Leia uses the force later on

This was one of the most controversial moments in the Star Wars films. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people (like me) think it’s okay and that it could be way more impactful if it happened later on in the film. Because it happened no more than half an hour into the film, I knew she wasn’t going to die. If it happened in the second half of the film, after we have spend more time with her character, I would have been seriously worried that they had just killed her off. Just a matter of scene placement, but one that I think would improve the impact of the narrative.

4. A flashback sequence dedicated to the turn of Ben Solo into Kylo Ren

We learnt nothing more about the turn of Ben Solo into Kylo Ren from The Last Jedi. Too many times in the film we are told over and over again about his turn to the dark side without having anything more told to us other than the pinnacle moment. If we were given a sequence showing what he was like before then we could be even more sympathetic toward these already tragic characters of Kylo and Luke. We could have seen the killing of the other Jedi! We could have seen the burning of the temple! Even after all that happened, we could have seen Leia, Luke and Han on screen together for the last time, as they split up to deal with it in their own ways. Ford probably wouldn’t have come back but just IMAGINE!

5. Replace Holdo with Admiral Akbar

Admiral Akbar is a character which some have loved for over 30 years and he is given one of the worst send offs in Star Wars. Yes, he isn’t necessarily one of the most important characters but he is a fan favourite and they way we say goodbye to him is by simply someone telling us, “He is dead.” If we replace this new character of Holdo (which we know near to nothing about) with Akbar, and cut out the dumb mutiny subplot, having Akbar take out the First Order fleet by sacrificing himself by going to lightspeed through it, it would massively improve one of the best moments in Star Wars history. Also, making it one of the best send offs in the franchise/ in film history.

6. Luke lifts his X-Wing from the water

This is just a little moment I would have loved and would have added to the whole poetry thing all these films have going. If, during her training, Rey was asked to lift Luke’s X-Wing out from under the water but couldn’t… Then, Luke would step in and lift it out like it’s nothing, with the track ‘Yoda and the Force’ by John Williams play over the scene. It world mirror the scene on Dagobah where Luke couldn’t lift the X-Wing out from the swamp then Yoda steps in showing off the power of the force. I would have been so moved! It may have been a little too obvious but it would have been AMAZING!

Conclusion/ Ranking

There are little things and changes I’d have also liked/ changed from The Last Jedi like more Luke training Rey/ Luke trains Rey in the art of lightsaber fighting, giving Phasma something to do and slighting changing Rose’s line to “Dummy, that’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting OUR ENEMIES, saving OUR FRIENDS”, cutting out the cheese and the kiss. But, I am now sure of my opinion on this film (as I have watched it 4 times) and I can now say that I do not like The Last Jedi. So now I can rank all the Star Wars films! Here…

No. 01 The Empire Strikes Back

No. 02 A New Hope

No. 03 The Force Awakens

No. 04 Revenge of the Sith

No. 05 Return of the Jedi

No. 06 Rogue One

No. 07 The Last Jedi

No. 08 The Phantom Menace

No. 09 Attack of the Clones


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