The Graduate – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


I’ve seen this film before, but that was before my skills as a film goer had been enhanced, now on my second viewing with these new skills I have recognised how great Dustin Hoffman is as Ben. My favourite performances are the subtle ones, with small characteristics building on a character and Hoffman does it here masterfully. The direction of the film is start to finish flawless. Each shot is crafted to show off what the characters are feeling, and in doing so, putting the audience right in the middle of the action. The specifically made soundtrack for this film by Simon and Garfunkel is so good. Each song has become a classic and to hear where they were made for was awesome.


Though the soundtrack was great I found it repeated it’s songs too much. Not ‘Sound of Silence’ (that was used perfectly), but ‘Scarborough Fair’ was used far too much and I found myself sighing when it popped up again and again. I also found that the relationship development between Ben and Elaine was lacking, things kicked off far too early to care enough about their relationship.


The third act is certainly lacking in comparison to its previous two, but I must say this film has certainly lasted the test of time and was flawlessly remastered in 4K. Also, I have to say how surprised I was at how funny it was.

The Graduate – 4.5/5


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