Spider-Man: Homecoming – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Civil War was an overall disappointing film for me. Yes, I’m in the minority but the hype just didn’t pay off. Since then I haven’t liked any Marvel release and they’ve all been on a lull since Guardians 1 to me anyway. I did not like Tom Holland in Civil War. I liked Tom Holland in Homecoming. I loved Spider-Man: Homecoming. What a surprise! And Holland has definitely won me over. The comedy was great, very mature with two moments standing out (two great moments), and had me chuckling all through the film even if I saw it in the trailers. There’s a lot more to offer in the film than seen in the trailers by the way. I loved the new approach they’ve taken with the story and it’s storytelling. I love the new characters and the altered ones from past films. The alterations are good. This film really really surprised me. It’s top 5 in the MCU for definite! I had heard the action was disappointing but found it really fun and found that it fit the storytelling really well. Who knew seeing Spider-Man doing something as simple as running would be so fun. Or just waiting. Watching him wait was fun.


The score was weird, it took the classic Spider-Man song and turned it instrumental. I have to say I don’t like it but it wasn’t used in the film much and have found myself humming it. Robert Downey Jr wasn’t in it too much and as Marvel villains go… not bad.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – 4.5/5

You’re back on track Marvel now all you have to do is NOT SCREW UP RAGNOROK!

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you!


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