5 Great Action Scenes


Action scenes in modern films are often poor with many filmmakers opting for the now stereotypical and “easy” shaky-cam technique to hide how poor the action really is. I and many other film buffs would much rather see a well crafted action sequence than one hidden behind cheap filmmaking. This is why I present to you five great action scenes. Not my favourites because there are too many but five which I believe are great (hence the title). So, in no particular order, enjoy…

Opening Chase (Casino Royale)

Hallway Fight (Inception)

Warehouse Fight (Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice)

Forest Chase (Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows)

John Wick vs Assassins (John Wick: Chapter 2)


I could have made a longer list as there are many I could mention and many that I may consider better but I’m here to supply small entertainment in moments of boredom not dominate your life and have you staring at a light six inches away from your face for hours on end. Go out! Have a walk! Take some pictures of some pretty trees and watch the sun set. Trees are awesome by the way. Look up at them, they’re pretty cool. What am I talking about again?


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