5 Great Action Scenes


Action scenes in modern films are often poor with many filmmakers opting for the now stereotypical and “easy” shaky-cam technique to hide how poor the action really is. I and many other film buffs would much rather see a well crafted action sequence than one hidden behind cheap filmmaking. This is why I present to you five great action scenes. Not my favourites because there are too many but five which I believe are great (hence the title). So, in no particular order, enjoy…

Opening Chase (Casino Royale)

Hallway Fight (Inception)

Warehouse Fight (Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice)

Forest Chase (Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows)

John Wick vs Assassins (John Wick: Chapter 2)


I could have made a longer list as there are many I could mention and many that I may consider better but I’m here to supply small entertainment in moments of boredom not dominate your life and have you staring at a light six inches away from your face for hours on end. Go out! Have a walk! Take some pictures of some pretty trees and watch the sun set. Trees are awesome by the way. Look up at them, they’re pretty cool. What am I talking about again?


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  1. Josh Hammond says:

    Great list – the hallway fight in Inception still blows me away. And while I haven’t seen John Wick 2 yet, the bathhouse scene in the original was amazing. Too few action movies these days have great sequences like this.
    My one addition would be the motorcycle chase from Mad Max: Fury Road: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HClM8YvNljo.

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    1. dajawrreview says:

      Totally agree with both additions. Like I said I didn’t want to list too many. Good to know there are people out there who still appreciate good action. Inception is my favourite film of all time btw


      1. Josh Hammond says:

        I hesitate to share this with you then, but this kind of changed my opinion about Christopher Nolan:

        I still really enjoy his movies, including The Dark Knight specifically, but after watching this I find I think more critically about action scenes. As much as I loved some parts of Dunkirk, I found it had similar flaws.


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