The Office US – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Most of the characters on the show are really really good and all work really well together. Obviously Steve Carell is amazing and Raiin Wilson has created one of the best comedic characters I have ever seen. Watching Jim and Pam was one of the greatest things about this show. I loved watching them together, especially earlier on in the series. Seasons 1 – 7 were great. I might say that they are comedy gold. Stress Relief, Goodbye Michael Scott and A.A.R.M. are some stand out episodes to me. Stress Relief was known to me before I even watched it and checked IMDB when it came along and yes it is one of the highest rated episodes. A.A.R.M. was a saving grace in the series. It stared to go bad and this episode brought it back for me and just in time.


Seasons 8 and 9 were really tedious. I think they were running out of ideas and it lacked the charm that used to be there in earlier seasons. The Banker was a really boring episode. It was basically a best bits montage that anyone on YouTube could make. The Fly was a time filler episode like this in Breaking Bad but they did it right. I couldn’t stand Andy Bernard. I also felt like the show set up plot points and then never followed through on them.


James Spader was a stand out minor character. I loved everything he did. Brilliant bland comedy. I don’t like Catherine Tate but her character wasn’t focussed on much in the end. There were also many unsatisfying character arcs and fourth wall breaking that became too extreme in the final season but paid off in the finale.

The Office US – 4/5

I would watch The Office again but might do only to the end of Series 7 and the finale with A.A.R.M. as a plus. All in all good fun. Highly recommend.


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