Top 15 Films SO FAR (2017)

So far this year has been a good year for film, since we are only half way through it and I already have a decent top 15. These films are completely my own opinion and admittedly some are ranked where they are because of sentimental value but this is my list so what you gonna do?

15. Hacksaw Ridge

14. Free Fire

13. Assassin’s Creed

12. Wonder Woman

11. Life

10. I Am Heath Ledger

09. Alien Covenant

08. The Lego Batman Movie

07. Baby Driver

06. Beauty And The Beast

05. John Wick: Chapter 2

04. La La Land

03. Raw

02. Logan

01. Manchester By The Sea

Please look through my blog for any of the reviews for any of the films listed or maybe one that you’re surprised didn’t make the list. Anyway, here’s to another 6 months of good films!

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you!


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