The House – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


There is a part of this film where Will Ferrell’s character goes by the name of The Butcher which is probably the best part of the film. That is a good idea in itself and I’d pay to see that in itself. Jason Mantzoukas is the stand out in the film which is weird since Will Ferrell is my favourite comedy actor. I’ve seen Mantzoukas in other things but here is where I’ve liked him the most. The very Idea/ potential of this film is to be praised and is a source to comedic potential.


All being said, this film just isn’t funny. There isn’t once scene that made me laugh. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Get Hard but at least there was a scene in the film which was stand out and hilarious (the “I wanna fight you” scene). The House hasn’t got this. This is mainly down to the fact that the film is scripted. When you have people like Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler you need to do improv. In my mind, The House could’ve been the new Bad Neighbours but instead it’s just wasted potential.


Will Ferrell is of course as likeable as ever but this film needed to let him improvise. I need my Ferrell improv in a comedy staring Will Ferrell. Also, I’d like to see the Will Ferrell crime lord film. Get it done film people!

The House – 2/5

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you!


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