The Book of Henry – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


If this film is one thing it is unpredictable. From the opening credits you probably think what the film is going to be but it takes turns I never thought it would. One scene in particular involving tap dancing was actually quite tense. Me and my friend were both surprised at how much it had us on the edge of our seats. Plus tap dancing is underrated.


That being said this film is ridiculous. It is so ridiculous. The plot is so out there and one that I couldn’t see happening to the characters that it just made me think how dumb it actually was.The film tackles tricky subjects but in the worse way. For the majority of the film it’s saying “if you have a problem with someone, kill them”. Good message.


The performances are pretty solid. No one is great but they’re good enough. Lee Pace is awesome. Need more Lee Pace in my life. The direction is good for this kind of film and the score is just bland.

The Book of Henry – 3/5


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