3 Changes to Improve THE MUMMY (2017)/ THE DARK UNIVERSE 


If you’ve read my review of The Mummy then you know how I feel about it. Pretty big let down even though I expected nothing. After thinking about where this Dark Universe is headed, I decided to list some changes I’d make to improve the Iron Man of the Dark Universe.

3. Make it a Horror

One of the main problems with these new universal monster films is that they are trying to make them action films. The Mummy (1999) was good but dated and I really believe a return to the classic format of horror would really benefit these films. The Mummy (2017) and Dracula Untold were both converted into action films and I like neither of them. Whereas The Wolfman (2010) stuck to its horror roots and (in my opinion) wasn’t that bad. Though I do admit everyone else hates it. But it was dark and brooding which created an unparalleled atmosphere. Horror version of The Mummy all the way.

2. Set it in Egypt

Not many films nowadays are getting the Egypt location and I think it would be wise to have the location of a film called The Mummy be in Egypt. Instead of having the protagonist in familiar surroundings, they would be in an almost nightmare-ish location, not knowing what to do. Seeing the protagonist navigate themselves round tombs like underground horror mazes whilst being pursued by a living corpse. They were the highlights of the 1999 film. Being hunted by a living corpse in an unknown environment unable to match the threat. Egypt all the way.

1. Replace Tom Cruise

I don’t hate Tom Cruise. I think he’s great. I just don’t think he was right for those role or this universe. His character was too old to be as cocky as he was and just came off as an asshole instead of naive. If Tom Cruise was replaced with someone like John Krasinski and I’m on board with the cockiness of the character. I don’t mean Tom Cruise shouldn’t do action films. Edge Of Tomorrow was great and he was great in it as he was good for the character. Here, for the kick start of a new universe, you need a fresher face. John Krasinski all the way.


I think the points I made here could also be applied to the future instalments. The films need to be scary. We have plenty of good action films coming out and when you have horror characters such as Dracula and The Mummy at your disposal you should make horror films. Locations loyal to the source material or origin of the monsters would take the audience to places the cinema rarely takes us; black lagoons, Egypt, Transylvania and so on and so on. A young cast! If this universe is meant to continue for a long time, you’ll need people to look as good as possible for as long as possible. Young for the long run. Tom for the short run… though he can run a long way.

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you!

The Mummy (2017) – Mini Review (Spoiler Free):



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