King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Charlie Hunam is an actor who I don’t mind. I haven’t really seen him in anything other than Pacific Rim and I’ve watched like the first 4 episodes of Sons of Anarchy so yeah. For this film, I’ll give him the fact that he looks the part but maybe because of his current acting range, I didn’t really care for him. The costume design is good I guess. The armour looks a little clumsy, like the armour the dwarves got dressed up in in The Hobbit 3 but then completely disregarded in the actual battle because of how clumsy it was. Similar thing going on here; looks over appropriateness.


The film uses modern music like it fits in with the world it has established but it doesn’t. It worked for A Knights Tale because of its world and characters but the seriousness of the film doesn’t fit with the music choices. I’m not saying the songs are bad (I’ll have to give them a listen) they just didn’t work here. The style is very bland and all around boring and ugly to look at, making the film quite tedious. If the film included more colour like some reds or yellows, maybe I would’ve enjoyed it more. I didn’t see the sun once. Again, works in Shame because of the world it’s built but not here in the world Richie has built. The accents are very off by the cast and really took me out of the film. You can tell it’s the accent that it should be but is too obviously conveyed that you can’t help but chuckle a little at them. The CGI is clouded by CGI cloud and smoke, clouding the cloudy CGI. That is a representation of the plot as well as a review of the films effects. David Beckham. 


Daniel Pemberton’s score’s are good to listen to out of the films they’re in. If you like Junkie XL you’d probably like his work. Lots of drums and noises that don’t work with the film. The action is pretty confusing which I guess is mainly down to its direction. Not an all around terrible film, some good acting from Jude Law, but I don’t recommend it. Maybe get a little tipsy prior.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – 2.5/5

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you!


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