I Am Heath Ledger – Mini Review 


The documentation of Heath Ledger’s early years of acting was especially interesting. A side to an actors life of which we hardly ever see was revealed to us. Watching how this boy got into acting and what he did to get there was awe inspiring to watch; leaving home with nothing but a dream to follow. Isn’t that something everyone has thought about or even still thinks about? It is great seeing the true story of someone who did this. Knowing it worked for them and they became a success is just another thing to add to the inspiration. It is one of those things that you watch and ask yourself “what am I doing with my life”? I am currently the age Heath was when he left home and began his journey of life and I can’t even cook myself a decent meal… or a meal whatsoever. To see what went on behind the scenes of The Dark Knight for Heath is probably what we’re all watching this documentary for. It’s probably the resason we like Heath Ledger as much as we do. The coverage was again interesting and to see what his friends thought of his portrayal was fantastic. The depth into his other films I found more interesting however, showing how his career took flight due to his ecstatic personality. The raw footage of him really showed off this and who he was as a person. He was adorable by the way. It looked like he was a really nice guy and the clips of him goofing around were the ones that moved me the most. Thanks to his personality and overwhelming generosity, we got to see some familiar celebrity faces throughout the documentary.


There is a part where the documentary follows Heath through his music years. This wasn’t interesting to me as this media doesn’t really interest me but it was great seeing someone with so much passion yet sadly unfulfilled potential in what they do. Watching this documentary really shows you what us and Heath could have seen.


Rest In Peace Heath Ledger 

I Am Heath Ledger – 4/5

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