Alien: Isolation – Mini Game Review (Spoiler Free)


The tone Alien: Isolation sets is masterful. From the moment it starts I was immersed and knew at least it had captured the look of the films, specifically the first Alien. The ships were exactly how I remembered them in the films and it was fun walking around the rooms the characters from the films had been in. The sound design was also phenomenal. All the sounds were precisely as I remember hearing them and were great consistently throughout the game. Pacing was something I particularly liked. Slow, creepy and quiet, making the parts with the Xenomorph genuinely terrifying. Especially for the first half of the game you’d have to spend all your time crouching as if you moved any faster the Xenomorph would here you and kill you. When it does it’s scary. That’s something else, the game is actually scary.


The ending however is balls, the build up to the end is decent but the finale is very abrupt and just unsatisfying for how long I’d been playing the game. It’s like they were going for a cliffhanger but for the tone and runtime of the game it just didn’t work. There are some space missions which are boring. You can’t do anything or even sprint which is annoying as they’re the only missions in the game when you could without dying. Around 2/3 through I lost the amount of investment I had in the first 2/3. It’s a shame as I was then playing the game to finish it instead of because I wanted to see what happens next. The gameplay options are limited but I was never too bothered by them.


The game is merciless when it comes to saving progress and it’s a relief every time there’s a save point or an auto save point which there are few of. Which is good. The game also utilities the score of the first film, adding to every point it is used in. The Xenomorph is still cool. Finite supplies are great. I suggest crafting from the start cause that’s the mistake I made. Also use the flamethrower as a torch. Yeah flamethrower. Should’ve utilised the vents for scares. Would’ve been great.

Alien: Isolation – 3.75/5

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you!


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