Life – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


The opening to this film is really solid. It establishes the emptiness of space as well as its beauty and unknown terrors. It was really similar to alien with similar sound effects on the space station. Is that good? They didn’t go too far with it so sure. Set the audience up with familiarity then go your own way. Good job film. The character establishment was very well done also. I have to say I cares more for these characters in the first 15 minutes than I did for any of the characters in Alien: Covenant. Yes I compared the two but come on they’re so similar. The suspense was really good throughout the whole runtime. As soon it started to get tiring it was rounding up so I was happy with that. You got to praise the unpredictability here too. I had one big thing ruined for me, but if I didn’t know I’d be like “whaaaaaaaaaat”?. But there was other stuff I didn’t see coming too so the film wins again. The score’s good too. Yay.


Now the ending to this film is either great or bad. It’s going to take some time for me to decide. I just really think they could have ended it at a certain point and it would’ve been a great ending. If they left it where it did a theory that immediately sprang into my head could have been applied but then it went on and now it means nothing. I encourage theorising so a sin for the film. The end credits song is a really odd choice. Ballzy… but odd. Could be great but could be bad. I’ll have to wait. Also, when it comes to isolated space films, I’m a big fan of staying in space and always with the characters. There is parts where these things are broken and it really annoys me and disturbs my investment but hey ho.


This is a science fiction film in the 2010s so the visuals are predictably great. The performances are all around solid and carry the film with some decent emotional weight. The alien (Calvin) is also pretty threatening. Or should I say pretty and threatening. I seriously think he’d be a decent opponent for the Xenomorph and that is saying something. Good job creature creation and design!

Life – 3.75/5

Life or Alien: Covenant for the title of best sci-fi horror of 2017? Do I really have to pick? Can’t I like them both? Yes I can! They’re both good!

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you!

Alien: Covenant – Mini Review (Spoiler Free):


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