How to do Assassin’s Creed II


This isn’t really how they should do the next Assassin’s Creed film (if they ever make a sequel), it’s more of a sequel to the article I wrote where I did what I thought the first Assassin’s Creed film should’ve been. Though with some alterations I think this could work as a good foundation. This is the sequel to *my* Assassin’s Creed. Heads up for this one; Moussa is now the leader of an Assassin resistance. Please read the first one below, then enjoy this one. Thank you 🙂


In the present, An unidentifiable man stands in the middle of a road. Trees align the road for as long as the eye can see. His hand trembles with his hidden blade drawn.

Act 1

In the present, McGowen drives the van. The Animus and all needed to power it loaded into the back. Cal sits beside him and Sofia besides him. They drive down a road aligned with trees.

They pull up with the van, they need to find the Apple as soon as possible, meaning that Sofia has to go back into the animus, even if she is easily effected by it.

McGowen sets up the animus in the back of the van as Cal talks with Sofia while he searches for a signal on a walkie-talkie. Cal tells Sofia about how he thinks she shouldn’t go back into the animus but she refuses not to.

At Abstergo, Rikkin is meeting with the High Templars. They ask him about the escape and those that helped Cal. He tells them they are investigating all Abstergo employees. They are working on new methods to extract memories and are searching for the mutineers. Ellen Kaye asks to see the new extraction methods.

Back with Cal, McGowen alerts them that the animus is ready just as Cal finds the signal. Cal asks what the signal is. McGowen tells them there is no time to waste and tells them to get into the van. McGowen drives again with Cal and Sofia in the back. Cal loads Sofia into the animus as he monitors her synchronisation.

In the memory, Maria (17) arrives at a new land with the apple in her possession. She exits the ship and begins to walk around the new land. Templars seem to control it, performing executions and damning the creed.

Maria looks at the apple which seems to be guiding her to somewhere. She follows it wherever it is taking her, through streets and alleyways until she bumps into an assassin. The assassin asks her what she is doing and soon recognises the apple. The assassin asks her where she got it and tells her to follow him. She does.

Act 2

In the present, Cal pulls Sofia from the animus. She is weak. He sits her up and hands her a drink of water, insisting she drinks it. McGowen tells the two that they are there.

Cal walks outside, holding Sofia. They are at an Assassin hideout. Moussa comes out to greet them along with other assassin’s of the brotherhood. He and McGowen greet each other like old friends. Moussa greets Sofia the same and says to call “So this is the pioneer”?

Later, Cal sleeps in a bed in the hideout. He dreams of Aguilar. He is awoken as Sofia enters his room. She can’t sleep. She’s afraid if she does she’ll slip into limbo (animus island). He says he won’t let anything bad happen to her. She rest her head on his shoulder.

At Abstergo, Rikkin is showing Ellen the new methods of extraction. We don’t see the methods but she looks very pleased. She says “Good” and leaves the room. Rikkin smiles and looks back to the methods (still unseen).

Back with Cal, McGowen and Moussa have set up the animus inside the hideout. Cal escorts Sofia to the animus and lays her down in it. They share a worried look, trying to hide it. She begins the synchronisation.

In the memory, Maria is taken the assassins headquarters where she is shown to the grand master. The assassin who found Maria hands the apple over to the grand master who asks Maria to explain how it came into her possession. She tells them of Aguilar and how he took her to the apple and sacrificed himself to save her. Knowing she has the sight/ eagle vision, they accept her into the creed.

We see a montage of Maria’s assassin training. She is taught how to fight with a sword and a variation of other weapons. She is taught how to free run and climb as well as fight. Insert shots of Sofia coping in the future are shown throughout the montage. Then we see Maria turn from 17 to 20 and to 25.

In the present, Maria is pulled from the synchronisation but now can’t even move. Cal picks her up and take her back to her room. He lays her on her bad and goes to leave but she gently grabs her hand before he does. She says nothing. Cal looks down on her. His eyes fill with tears as he leaves her.

Moussa waits outside the room. He attempts to make Cal feel better but fails to do so. Moussa begins to show Cal round the hideout, filling him in on what the creed is in the modern world and that they don’t have time until the Templars find them. Moussa tells him “She needs to go back in”.

The next day, Cal carries Sofia to the animus and lays her down in it. She opens her eyes and looks at him. She speaks one word; “Cal”. He holds her hand as she begins her synchronisation.

In the memory, Maria (25) sits at a desk, studying ancient assassin’s brotherhood texts. She slams the book shut and sighs, remembering the apple. She sneaks into the grand masters room and takes the apple from its chest. As soon as she holds it, it begins guiding her somewhere again.

She follows it wherever it is taking her, through streets and alleyways until she bumps into a Templar. The Templar immediately recognises the assassin uniform she is dressed in and begins to chase her with more men joining him as the chase goes on.

Maria is chased across the rooftops, being challenged by Templar soldiers along the way. The chase is long but eventually she escapes the soldiers and heads bank to the headquarters, still with the apple.

When she returns, the headquarters is on fire. It rumbles as parts of it fall apart. Maria runs in to see if she can save any of her fellow assassins. She finds the grand master under a fallen beam. The grand master speaks to her saying “Where others blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true. Where others are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins”. Maria leaves as the building collapses behind her.

In the present, Sofia is pulled from her synchronisation… but doesn’t wake up. They rush her to a medical room, only to rush her back to the animus and plug her back in.

At Abstergo, Rikkin stands as an Abstergo scientist approaches him, telling him “It’s ready”. Rikkin nods as an Abstergo soldier approaches him, telling him “We’ve found them”.

Back with Cal, He and McGowen stand over Sofia in the animus. He asks McGowen what’s happening. McGowen explains the situation to Call. “She’s succumb to the animus. She is useless without it. If we kept her out of it for too long, her ancestors past and her own self would clash… she’s become feral. The only way she can live now is in the animus/ in her past”. Cal looks down on her, tears rolling down his face.

In the memory, Maria sits on a street corner, nothing but her hidden blades and the apple in her possession. Once again the apple begins to guide her somewhere.

She follows it again, wherever it is taking her, through streets and alleyways until she comes across a wall which glows with signs as she approaches with the apple. When she’s close enough the wall begins to collapse, revealing some stairs going down, made of a futuristic metal.

Maria walks down the stairs, the apple still guiding her, illuminating her path. She walks down tunnels of the same metal until she comes to a large opening with a podium in the middle. There is a spherical hole on its peak, as if it was made for the apple.

Maria places the apple in the hole, illuminating the whole room with holograms and images far too advanced for the time she is living in. The holograms tell her (non-verbally) of the Creed, of the Templars and of what humanity should be. Using these holograms, Maria builds a new Creed.

We see a montage of her recruiting people from the streets to join her in her cause. Building a new headquarters outside of the city. Training the recruits in the ways of the assassin’s creed. We see Maria turn from 25 to 30 and to 35. She has established a new Creed.

In the present, Cal sits next Sofia in the animus. He confesses to her all he has been hiding and thanks her for giving him what she promised him; a new life. McGowen enters telling Cal that Moussa wants to see them.

McGowen leads Cal to a room where some of the assassins have gathered. They stand around Cal as Moussa walks to him and begins to speak to him saying “Where others blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true. Where others are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins”. Cal had been initiated into the brotherhood.

Act 3

Abstergo mercenaries are outside the brotherhood’s hideout. They prepare their weapons and grenade-launchers and fire at the hideout.

The assassins are alerted and run outside and begin to fight the Abstergo mercenaries. The battle is bloody and brutal. Whilst Moussa and the assassins fight, Cal and McGowen load the animus with Sofia into the back of the van. McGowen sends them off as he stays and fights. Now driving the van with Sofia in the back, Cal escapes the battle, being pursued by three vehicles.

In the memory, Maria (40) sits at her desk. She has a sad look on her face. She calls for her most prestigious student. And takes her to the underground apple chamber.

In the present, The van is being pursued by three vehicles. The chase takes them through the woods and back out onto the road. Trees align the road for as long as the eye can see. Eventually he loses the vehicles/ knocks them off the road. He drives until he’s alone, then goes into the back of the van to monitor Sofia’s synchronisation.

In the memory, Maria shows her student the teachings of the Apple. The student asks her what they are. Maria activates a specific hologram, revealing Minerva. Minerva reveals her message:

“Maria, you will be questioning how this is possible but you need to trust me. My name is Minerva and in the far future, the apple will be used for evil. They will use you and your family to find it. They are using you right now, watching us. A future organisation known as Abstergo will use a machine know as the animus to use you to find the apple. Then when all options run out and their technology develops, they will only need the blood to see what they need to see. You are the last direct assassin bloodline to have possession of the apple and in order for it to not fall into the hands of Doctor Alan Rikkin, you must leave the apple with your most trusted pupil, have them hide it and you must remain in the chamber so they will never find it. Your fate has always been this Maria. I am sorry”.

The hologram fades. Maria’s student refusing to leave her side. Maria tells her it is not worth the risk and “Everything is permitted”. Maria hands her student the apple and watches her leave, the chamber closing her inside it forever.

In the present, Cal looks on in complete shock. Everything he put Sofia through was worthless. He sits for a while, just looking at Sofia. All her memories are out. She can’t live in the animus anymore. She will become feral.

Cal leaves the van and walks down the road. He is 15 paces away from the back of the van. Cal looks to the van. All is silent. Soon banging and screaming comes from inside the van. Soon the doors burst open and Sofia charges at Cal. As soon as Sofia is in front of Cal, he stabs her with his hidden blade, immediately killing her.

Cal carries Sofia and buries her deep in the woods beside the van. Moussa, McGowen and some other assassins arrive at the burial but don’t wait long. They dump the animus on the road, get in the van and drive off.


Later, Rikkin (with more mercenaries) arrives at the road where the animus was dumped. They find blood on the road from when Cal killed Sofia. Rikkin collects some of the blood and looks out onto the road where Cal drove off.

McGowen is again driving the van. Moussa and Cal sit in the front with him with the other assassins in the back. They all look at each other with sad looks on their faces. Moussa looks to Cal and asks him “What now pioneer”? Cal replies “We destroy Abstergo and all the Templar with it. We kill Alan Rikkin”.



I hope to round off what I have written here with a final instalment to make it a trilogy of films. This is completely hypothetical of course. Anyway…

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you!

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