Wonder Woman – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Who knew Gal Gadot and Chris Pine would work so well together? Well, you’ve probably already seen the reviews but it is true! Their chemistry is undeniably good. I was smiling at all their scenes. Especially when Gadot smiles. Can’t deny it, she’s a good Wonder Woman. I found the second act in this film to be my favourite. It was so engaging to watch Wonder Woman/ Diana learn of this worlds ways. It was adorable in fact. Especially in a particular scene involving a dance. What is talked about whilst they dance actually spurred some emotion inside me. It actually moved me. Well done DC.


Shame really that the third act is just a shambles. To build up this world like you had for the first 2 hours, to then go and knock it down in the final 20 mins just ruined it for me. It’s your typical DC tripe. The green screen throughout the film was off and on but mostly off I’d say as you could clearly see when it was. Villains in superhero films get too much smack. Their have been more than a few great ones and Wonder Woman’s villains are an exception. Yeah, they’re not good. One villain falsified an important message the film was telling; There’s not just one bad guy, maybe everyone’s a bad guy.


We all know Wonder Woman’s signature theme by now and it is utilised well in this film but the rest of the score is lacklustre in comparison and isn’t used to what I believe could’ve been it’s full potential. This film has a rare sense of discovery to it, often not seen in films these days. Especially when we know everything that is to be discovered. Also, good and well filmed/ choreographed action. Too much slo-mo though.

Wonder Woman – 3.75/5 

It’s basically a better Captain America: The First Avenger but with less subtlety in the finale. And both films have a Steve that drives a plane. Classic Steves.

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you! 


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