Fixing Assassin’s Creed


Just as a heads up, I’ve been thinking of how I’d do an Assassin’s Creed film ever since I played Assassin’s Creed II. I’m incorporating ideas of my own with those of the 2016/2017 film. Also in my version Sofia isn’t Rikkin’s daughter and is played by Ariane Labed instead of Marion Cotillard. Also, McGowen isn’t played by Denis Ménochet but someone like Graham McTavish. Alright, here ya go!


In the present, Sofia has 4 people linked in with animus’s. Rikkin watches them as his men monitor their memory synchronisations with McGowen as security.

In the memories, 6 assassins have found a map of the location of the apple of Eden. The assassins are found by Templars who chase them through the building. Templars take out 3 of the assassin’s.

In the present, 3 people wake from their synchronisations to Rikkins disgust. One person still remains in synch.

In the memories, the assassins are chased to the top of a tower. The 2 assassins remaining are Aguilar (35) and his master. Aguilar is given the map and he jumps from the tower, escaping. His master is killed by Ojeda before being able to do so.

In the present, the Final man awakens from his synchronisation. He has failed. The animus’s around him are now empty. Rikkin leaves the room, signalling McGowen who (after sharing a regretful yet accepting look with the man and Sofia) beats him over his head with a truncheon as Rikkin exits the room.

Act 1

Cal sits in his prison cell. We follow him through a day in the prison. His expression is sad, not one typically found on the face of a killer. His day is dull and quiet. He returns to his cell at the end of the day.

Cal sits silently in his cell when in walks Sofia. She claims she can save him from his past. Cal laughs at the idea and tells her his backstory (giving us sympathy for him), his father killed his brother and his mother, leaving him in foster homes and then on the streets, never finding his place, fighting for survival. Sofia offers him a new life if he goes with her. He accepts.

The next morning Cal is taken for execution by the police. Cal pleads he was to be given a second chance. His screaming does nothing, he is (supposedly) put to death. 

Cal wakes up in a vehicle with Sofia in the front. They arrive at Abstergo where Cal is shown around. He is taken into a room and briefed; He has Assassin ancestry. Explain the villainy of the Templars. Abstergo are the worlds only defence against the Templar. They need his memories to find a tool to help them in their defence. He is their last hope.

Cal accepts their offer for a new life for himself. He is taken to the Animus (2.0) where it’s abilities are explained and that in the Animus time passes slower or faster in the Animus, depending on the subject and their state of mind. He begins his first regression.

In the memory, Aguilar (13) is at his families home. He is in the fields playing with the horses. In the distance he can see a horse riding toward the house. Aguilar runs to the house… it’s his father. He hugs him as his father says “we’re safe now”. His father is dressed in an assassin’s uniform.

Aguilar sleeps but is awoken by noises. He looks outside his window to see Templars throwing burning torches at his house. Aguilar’s father is outside, fighting them. He is killed by Ojeda.

In the present, Cal awakes from the memory. He sits up out of the animus saying “I’m not going back in that thing again”. He storms out of the room.

Sofia chases him. Cal made a deal with her and therefore cannot leave until the deal is fulfilled. Cal explains how he felt everything his ancestor felt/ how he watched his family die again. Sofia tells him “If you’re to be free of your past you must first face it”. Cal demands to see who’s in charge.

Cal is escorted to a room by McGowen. They both stand in there for a while before Rikkin enters. He talks with Cal, convincing him of the importance of finding the tool for peace (the Templars are resurfacing). Cal agrees to go back into the animus.

Act 2

In the memory, Aguilar (17) sits on a street corner holding his hands out, begging for food/ anything. He is small and skinny, very weak. A man in a hooded cloak approaches him. He doesn’t give him food or money but a necklace with the assassin’s symbol on it. He offers Aguilar resurrection. Aguilar accepts.

He is taken to the assassin headquarters where he is presented before the assassin grand master. The man assassin who found him explains how he has watched him suffer on the streets. The grand master accepts Aguilar into the creed and is to undergo training from the man who found him. First he is tested for the sight.

The grand master hands the assassin next to him a scroll. The assassin walks to Aguilar and hands him the scroll. Aguilar opens it… it’s blank. He hasn’t got the sight but undergoes the training nonetheless.

We see a montage of Aguilar’s assassin training. He is taught how to fight with a sword and a variation of other weapons. He is taught how to free run and climb as well as fight with insert shots of Cal in the Animus while he does so. We Aguilar turn from 17 to 20 to 25 and finally to 30 where he performs his first assassination.

Aguilar is taken to the tower of the assassin headquarters where he is initiated and presented with hidden blades. “Where others blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true. Where others are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins”.

In the present, Cal wakes from his regression. He begins to have a seizure and is escorted out by medics.

He lays in a hospital chair when Sofia enters. For a second she embodies Aguilar. Cal explains what he is seeing. Sofia tells him of the bleeding effect and that he was in the animus for 3 days straight. She goes on to say how her mother was driven mad by it. Her mother tried to kill her but her father saved her (similarity between the two).

Sofia breaks, telling Cal she is part of the assassin’s creed and the truth about Abstergo. “Abstergo are the Templar. They’re using you to find a weapon to control free will”. Sofia takes Cal to a room and shows him ancient drawings of the apple of Eden and explains its powers. She says “You are close to finding it but we can’t let them. You’re an assassin now Cal. We must fight back”.

Cal goes back into the Animus, knowing the truth and Sofia’s plan to escape.

In the memory, Aguilar (35) and his master are stealthily walking on rooftops, followed by 4 other assassins. They eavesdrop a Templar meeting where Ojeda discusses the location of the Apple.

They are discovered by a patrolling Templar. They are chased across the rooftops, being challenged by Templar soldiers along the way. The chase is long but eventually they escape the soldiers.

In the present, Rikkin and Sofia watch over Cal in his regression. Rikkin tells her “Soon the world will be purged of the Assassin’s Creed”. Sofia looks scared.

Back in Cal’s memory, the assassins arrive at the location discussed. Behind a brick in a wall they find the map. The assassins are soon found by the Templars who chase them through the building. The Templars take out 3 of the assassin’s.

The assassins are chased to the top of a tower. The 2 assassins remaining are Aguilar and his master. Aguilar is given the map and he jumps from the tower, escaping, performing a leap of faith into the water below.

Aguilar emerges from the water bellow. He looks behind for his master who isn’t found. He grieves for a moment before heading back to the assassin headquarters.

Act 3

In the present, Cal is pulled from his regression too fast. He is in a daze but can make out Sofia. She is driving a van. He comes around as they arrive at a warehouse. They enter the warehouse where McGowen waits for them. He is also part of the creed. 

They need to find where the Apple is as soon as possible but can’t move yet as the animus in the back of the van would take too long to set up and one is already set up inside. They have half an hour before Abstergo find them so Cal enters the animus.

In the memory, Aguilar (50), now weary, sits at a desk, looking over drawings of a doorway. Aguilar is now the grand master. A younger assassin enters with Maria (17).

The assassin who found him explains how he has watched her suffer on the streets. Aguilar (recognising his similarities with her) accepts her into the creed and to undergo training. First she is tested for the sight.

Aguilar walks down to the girl with the black scroll. He hands her the scroll. She asks “What are these supposed to mean”. Maria has the sight. Aguilar explains eagle vision to Maria and how the world needs her.

Aguilar takes Maria to the location of the door he had been studying. Aguilar watches as Maria opens the door almost without effort. Behind the door is the apple of Eden.

Aguilar explains how he has searched for this most his life. Noises from behind them startle them. They’re getting closer. Aguilar hands Maria the apple explaining “You’ve been chosen by a higher power little one. This land is no longer safe. Find passage out of here. Protect this, soon you will know it’s power”. Maria leaves the building as Aguilar unsheathes his sword.

Ojeda enters with soldiers. The soldiers aim their bows at Aguilar as him and Aguilar duel. Aguilar bests Ojeda, assassinating him with his hidden blades. He says to himself “Everything is permitted”, as the soldiers unleash all the arrows on Aguilar, killing him.

In the present, Cal wakes. All Aguilars memories are out. They are thought to be done. Cal tells them why he was in prison. “Ever since my father killed my family I’ve wanted to kill him. I searched for him for years and years until I finally found him… and killed him. I thought that would save my fate… It only sealed it”. On revealing the truth of his past, Sofia tells them the truth of her past.

Maria is her ancestor. She was a regression subject but was easily taken over by the bleeding effect just like her mother. She has to go back into the animus if they’re to know where the Apple is.

Abstergo arrives outside just as Sofia enters the regression. McGowen explains how Cal must protect them. The bleeding effect will have passed Aguilar’s training into him. Cal is now an assassin. McGowen hands Cal a bag full of assassin weapons. McGowen guards Sofia as Cal waits for the Abstergo mercenaries to enter the warehouse.

Cal clears the warehouse of Abstergo troops using the skills and weapons of an assassin. He takes out the last mercenary with an air assassination.

He returns to McGowen and Sofia. Sofia is pulled from the regression, completely passed out. Cal carries her to the van as McGowen loads up the back of it with the Animus. They all drive off from the warehouse to wherever the road takes them.


Rikkin arrives at the warehouse, looking upon the dead Cal has left behind. One mercenary still lives. Rikkin is full of anger and shoots him.

McGowen drives the van. The Animus and all needed to power it loaded into the back. Cal sits beside him and Sofia besides him. She jolts awake, struggling to breathe. Cal calms her down, allowing her to catch her breath before asking her “Where did you leave her”?

In the past, Maria is aboard a ship, heading out to sea. She looks out to the far horizon, holding the Apple in her hand.



I’m one of the very few people I know who actually like Justin Kurzel’s take on Assassin’s Creed. I like to think I know a bad film when I see one and to me the film gets way more hate than it deserves. I do admit it is very poor in some cases but I really like the film and could watch it over and over. Anyway I do think this is an improvement but I’m interested in what you think.

Please tell me your opinion (it means a lot) and share with friends to see what they think. Thank you! 

Assassin’s Creed (Movie) – Mini Review (IT’S GOOD):


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