Alien: Covenant – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Michael Fassbender can do no wrong. I quite literally love him in everything and he hasn’t put a foot wrong yet. His portrayal of David in Prometheus is one of my favourite performances from him and to see him return to his android antics in this was fantastic to see. I was disappointed when I found out that the score wasn’t being done by Harry Gregson-Williams as I am a big fan of his Prometheus score. Instead his job went to Jed Kurzel whose work I have admired in the past and here with Alien: Covenant, he brings his best. Creepy and fulfilling with Gregson’s works welcomely popping up. The tie ins this film makes to the wider Alien universe are great. A significant plot point of this film that effects all the past and future films in the franchise was fantastic to see unfold on screen. The first act was intriguing and reminiscent of the exploration theme of Prometheus, which is why I think it’s my favourite act of the film.


This film has no subtlety when it comes to the aliens. Here they are! There they are! Oh look! Look at it! There it is in its full glory! That’s not really the point when it comes to alien films though is it. The point is to creep us out. And if not, at least give us some creepy action. Alien gave us creeps. Aliens gave us creepy action. Prometheus gave us creepy exploration. Alien: Covenant sacrifices creepiness for bloodiness. Is it better? At some points yes it works fantastically but for the most part… no. This is why I think the second and third act of this film are weak. The third is my least favourite as the second has its moments. Some being great, emotional and creepy. The third act just lost me and went balls to the wall which with what we have seen previously in the franchise was a sharp turn. I respect them for going where they went it just wasn’t where I wanted the story to go. The same applies for some needless scenes which happen here and there which are either shown where they shouldn’t or shown when they shouldn’t have.


Overall Alien: Covenant improves Prometheus and the other entries in the franchise. It makes what’s happening in Prometheus disturbing and sad and what is yet to happen in Alien, Aliens and so on, nostalgic in the way that you know how that happened and why it did. Enough has been said about the Xenomorph design but come on… it’s awesome. I can’t help but think this film needed those prologue scenes that were released as part of the marketing. Maybe not as a prologue but at a point in the film. It would have been cool to be told and then shown. Not just told and never seen. Though that can work. It can also work the other way. Or neither… Prometheus style. I love the look of this new trilogy though. Looking sweet. I need to see this film again to be honest.

Alien: Covenant – 4/5


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