Mindhorn – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Russell Tovey is an actor I really have trouble getting along with. Everything I’ve seen him in I just don’t like him in. His performance in Sherlock is laughable and here he kind of just annoyed me. I’m sorry but he really doesn’t do it for me. The plot is very predictable. I could see what was going to happen when it was going to happen and some moments didn’t fit or pay off with the films overall tone. The jokes were also a little lazy and rushed. It they were given time to be more fleshed out then I think it could have had way more laughs. This boils down to the script I think which to me was fairly average.


This isn’t a straight up bad film I just can’t think of any points which are stand out good points. Yes most of the comedic performances were well done but I don’t think they’re worthy of any significant praise. I just can’t help but think the film would have been funnier if it was a film version of the TV series Mindhorn is in.

Mindhorn – 2.5/5


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