5 Changes to Improve GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 (Spoilers)

5. Guardians vs Abilisk

The dancing Groot thing is cool and cute but runs thin when it’s going on for the full length of my favourite song ever. If we actually focussed on the fighting going on behind Groot dancing during the song, the violent fighting could contrast hilariously with the cheerfulness of the song. Cutting back to Groot dancing now and then would work though.

4. Finding Ego

The plot of the guardians film is very vague. I can’t really remember what it is exactly. I think since as the first film set up mystery around the character of Peter’s father, the second film should be Peter searching for his father. Instead of coming across his father by accident almost immediately into the film, we (like Peter) are eagerly waiting to find him, and every bit of action or grief the guardians come across in the film is higher in stakes as we just want to know who his father is.

3. Taser Face is the Villain

Taser Face should have been the main villain of the film. If we pose someone like Taser Face as the villain, it is more personal than the Sovereign to characters we know (Yondu) as immediately from the beginning and throughout we hate them for getting in the way of our protagonists, especially since they once stood by one of them. Plus it will draw attention from Ego. And he’s way more interning than the Sovereign.

2. Save Ego for the Third Act

Ego should be found at the end of the second act. This not only makes this feel more earned but adds weight to the first two acts The first half of the third act should be falsely building up hope with Ego, with Taser Face still posing a threat to the guardians and Ego looking like someone who could help them. However, if Taser Face is killed unjustifiably, we wouldn’t know where the film was going. Maybe. But because Ego seems to be so nice and the guardians seem to be safe too early in the film, we’ll be wondering where the film is going and then Ego is revealed as the big bad and we’re all like WTF! Maybe.

1. Death

What if Nebula is killed instead of Yondu. There is so much more to be explored with Yondu but no one really likes Nebula so yeah. And her character being redeemed in the film and sacrificing herself for her sister who she wanted to kill in the last film would be very emotional powerful if done right. Peter can still realise that Yondu is a father to him and then that can be explored in Vol. 3 maybe. 


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