Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Your favourite characters are back (kind of). Star Lord; kind of. Gamora; kind of. Groot; not really. Drax; no. Rocket; I guess. They’re all back in there own way and the cast are back again giving us those characters. Some comedy works and I did chuckle a few times. Mostly because of Drax who in my opinion was the unsung highlight of the first. He’s funny sometimes but I guess it’s all the time but it only really lands here and there.


The jokes in this film are so repetitive. It got to the point where I knew when the joke was coming. Part of what made GOTG great was where it’s jokes would come into play. They’d catch you off guard which is part of what made them as funny as they where. In GOTG2, the jokes just aren’t that funny or nearly as clever as the first. The ‘you said that wrong’ joke followed up by a ‘that’s not right’ joke was used all the time. The predictability of the jokes is also the same for the predictability of the script. You knew when the sad backstory exposition moment was on its way which there is a lot of in this film. I think every single character has the moment where they explain why they are what they’re like. But we set the characters up in the first one! Don’t do more set up! DEVELOP the characters through whatever they’re going through on screen. If you loved the characters in GOTG1 then prepare to watch those characters do… well… nothing, as they are sidelined in their own movie. Instead watch a (to be fair) great (but side character who works best on the side like he did in the first) character do stuff while the others just sit around. You’d think Drax the Destroyer would destroy things right? Right? Never mind. You could tell some scenes were straight up written for the songs on the soundtrack and not for the purpose of story. Green screen. Green screen everywhere. You can tell it’s a green screen too. Not like, oh that doesn’t exist it must be a green screen but more like, that’s clearly a green screen. Yay for CGI, the death of all movies. I have a hate for CGI even though sometimes it’s amazing but here it’s just meh.


This film was a real disappointment. I was hoping the MCU would return to form with this but if they’ve made GOTG suck I can’t rely on them to give us the next Winter Soldier or even the next Guardians of the Galaxy. The soundtrack is good but just not used to the best it can be in the film. Really long opening title sequence too with something way more interesting going on in the background than what we are forced to watch. I don’t know what happened here but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is kind of… shit. I was Groot.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – 2.5/5

I am also currently working on one of my ‘changes to improve’ articles with this film so look out for that 🙂


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