13 Reasons Why – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Dylan Minnette (Clay) is my new favourite. I was laughing in episode 1 at how much I liked his character. He really spoke for me and I just can’t help but like this guy in whatever he’s in. Here he is fantastic. Really, really fucking good. Katherine Langford (Hannah) is just as fantastic and because the show basically tells you what happens to her character, the more I watched the more I dreaded it because of the more I fell in love with her with Clay. Really, really fucking good. The lighting is it’s own character also so it deserves this shout out. Yay lighting.


The characters are all primarily cartoon characters. Yes they all have layers and their own story but I just couldn’t help but look at them (excluding Clay and Hannah) as sometimes fictional. The occasional off bit of dialogue didn’t help it either.


The cast is great for what they are. Perfect even. The songs are great. Check out ‘The Night We Met’. Episode 11 may be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Dylan Minnette’s performance is sublime. This is also a perfect presentation of more common than we’d like to admit issues and should be seen by as many as possible.

13 Reasons Why – 4/5

It’s almost 4am btw so that’s something. It kept me up all night. That’s a good thing btw. Alright 🙂


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