Get Out – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Twists are a hit or miss in modern Hollywood but I have to praise this twists individuality/ the films individuality from other films. I can say the final act is a great idea on its own and the first act is a good foundation of performance and set-up. The film blends comedy with psychological horror which is as difficult as it sounds. But, it does it as well as it could have but does crop up unnecessarily in the end.


The first act is mainly a set-up for its twist which is what the film overall relies on. But if a film relies on the twist to make the film, it can break it if it doesn’t pay off. The twist is presented in a different but not really shocking way. The film has your stereotypical jump scare sounds for things that shouldn’t be a jump scare. Silence (as I keep saying) is the best thing about horror films.


The score is unique but comes off sometimes as over dramatic fir what is happening on screen. I get that’s the idea it just didn’t work for me. People have praised the message this film gives its audience. I left the cinema not knowing what the message was and I think it’s target audience isn’t going to get the message they’ll just love the twist. I liked both, didn’t love it though.

Get Out – 3.5/5

I think this film is another example of hype. I heard nothing but praise in the weeks leading up to my viewing tonight and I left disappointed. Maybe if I saw it initially I’d love it. But the hype and anticipation going in didn’t pay off. 


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