The Void – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Practical effects are great. They are often considered the past of film effects but to me they are the future. CGI has become so dull and overused that any use of practical effects should be appreciated. In The Void, practical effects are at their best. The makeup here should be just as admired. Even though you can tell it’s not real and it doesn’t really make sense, you can appreciate the design and the genuine horror of its look.


To back up the inspiring practicals however is some off acting. Straight away as we are introduced to our protagonist I knew there was something off/ something in-genuine about the portrayal. As more characters were introduced they only backed up this point. These performances aren’t enough to carry the confusing story. I like a confusing narrative but not when it makes no sense, even to the diegesis the world of the film set itself up to be.


Your typical and awful jump scares are scattered across The Void’s narrative. Films have forgotten how creepy long takes with wide shots and off-putting silences can be in horror films. Bad green screen sealed the deal for my opinion on this film. Apparently people who grew up with 80s films can appreciate this film but for someone who appreciates 80s films but grew up in the early 2000s, this film is a mess.

The Void – 2.5/5



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