Raw – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Garance Marillier is absolutely fantastic in this. I have never seen her in anything else but right from the moment she came on screen she had me entranced by her hypnotic performance. Watching her character journey through this narrative was a gift. The premise of the film is bonkers. But is it? I really do have to praise the believability for the audience this film inspires. Not once was I doubting what happened on screen. The diegesis is well established and well realised all throughout the runtime. This story is something special. Not one you would consider to make a great film. A good film maybe, but this film reaches the heights of greatness. Jim Williams has to be praised for his striking score. Always good to get a new composer for my nerdy film score library.


Never has violence in a movie been so violent and beautiful at the same time. The subject is grim but the film maintains bright colours, putting the audience in an uneasy state. Unique as unique can get. They even have a track on the soundtrack literally titled ‘finger scene’. They knew we’d be looking for that piece of music. Just a bloody brilliant film.

Raw – 5/5


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