3 Changes to Improve THE FORCE AWAKENS/ Review 

3. No Jakku

Just a little something that I thought would have been better and more cool. Instead of shamelessly ripping off Tatooine, create a water planet where Rey scavenges for parts underwater. This was an actual original idea where someone would be scavenging in a submerged wreckage of the second Death Star. New, and a reference to keep Mr Abrams happy.

2. The hunt for BB8

It’s common knowledge now that what BB8 was carrying to “make things right” was a map to Luke Skywalker. What if? What if we didn’t know it was a map to Luke? Yes there were a lot of conversations about Luke because of the map but there are ways around these conversations. The First Order hunting for a droid for Snoke but no one knows why they just know it must be done and our heroes must help the droid. Only Snoke, Po, Leia and BB8 know why.

1. Rescuing Rey

This is how it would play out. When Kylo attacks Maz’s “watering hole” BB8 and Rey run off into the woods. BB8 (unknowingly to us at this time) gives the map to Rey as they aren’t after her. BB8 then distracts the troopers as Rey runs to safety. Then Rey will run into Kylo. Kylo will find out she’s seen the map (but doesn’t suspect her to have it) then they leave like in the film, without BB8. When they return to the base it is revealed that BB8’s cargo is a map to Luke and now Rey has it and she’s with The First Order (TFO). Po and his fighters attack TFO’s base (not Starkiller), drawing their attention as Han, Chewie and Finn rescue her. Everything else what happens in the film then ensues.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 4/5


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