Allied – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


I admire the pacing in this film so much. Slow and tension building. I can’t remember slow pacing being this good in another film. This is backed up by the near perfect direction. I was in awe at almost every shot, even the simplest ones. The camera tracking and the wide shots were especially outstanding. Alan Silvestri delivers another fantastic score. Though the film repeats the main two themes, they work like poetry and are beautiful to listen to on repeat (which is what I’ve done all day since watching it). Just the simplicity of the story and it’s focussed narrative is something we don’t see in many films and Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard deliver great subtle performances. I must say this film surprised the hell out of me with its genuine sense of style and mood. 


Though the film does open with a shoddy CGI shot and the end scene does have elements that I believe don’t need to be their or the entire scene itself doesn’t need to be there, I enjoyed the hell out of this film. There is nothing to me outstandingly bad. One of the most underrated films I’ve seen in recent memory. 

Allied – 4.5/5


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