Free Fire – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Sharlto Copley is amazing. I couldn’t remember anything he’s been in but his comedy chops in this were iconic. This fact was boosted by his South African accent. On screen and off he was constantly cracking out the best one-liners. Leading onto the sound design. Literally some of the best I’ve experienced in a cinema. Even when a character wasn’t in the forefront of a scene they could steal it. When the characters were on screen there was always someone else talking in the background of the scene with (most often) funnier dialogue. But the fact that it was in the background and not at the front makes all the better and in a word “genius”. The dialogue is obviously thanks to the screenplay which is credited before the direction in the end credits. Plus the runtime is only 90 mins so I was never bored at any point. 


Good cast. Great dialogue. Great setting. Good song choices. Decent song use. Excellent sound design. Relentless action. Good clothing. Good era. Perfect comedy runtime. One of a king filmmaking. Piss annoying cinema goers. 

Free Fire – 4/5



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