Power Rangers – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


The Blue Ranger is the obvious stand out because he’s the comedic character. But there can be good comedic and bad comedic and luckily he is good and did make me chuckle (mostly because of how cheesy it was). The cast (I guess). They’re what you’d expect from a Power Rangers film. Typical, 90s cheesy stereotypes. However for Power Rangers, this is loyal to the actual (dated) source material. Krispy Kreme. 


The visual effects were what I expected them to be. Bad. I wasn’t expecting anything good so I accepted it and had a laugh. It’s still a bad thing though. For a Power Rangers film, there isn’t enough actual Power Rangers. They’re only actual Power Rangers once in the film and there’s only one fight scene really. 1 hour 40 minutes of build up for 20 minutes of Power Rangers. Actually, 2 minutes of Power Rangers and 18 minutes of Megazord. Rita was poo, Zordon was fine and Alpha was decent. Krispy Kreme. 


There was a decent backstory to Zordon and Rita but we didn’t get to see them interact (as of yet). The soundtrack choices were really cheesy, stereotypical and laughable. There was also a really jolting moment of odd cutting which made me express (almost comically) confusion. But it was a good laugh, especially for my first 4DX experience. 

Power Rangers – 2.5/5


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