The Breaking Bad Movie – Mini Review 


The feel of this fan project is very obscure and mysterious. The transformation from teacher to drug lord is very sudden and therefore very stylistic, leaving the audience to figure out what has happened for themselves, rather than being simply shown it. The performances are obviously as good as they are in the show. There are moments that make Walt seem deadlier before but that’s just how it was cut. 


The heart of Breaking Bad is the relationship between Walt and Jessie. However, this is glossed over in the show. I’m not criticising the film in relation to the show as the actions and reactions we see between these characters in the film feel very abrupt and there seems to be no reason for it. But again, it’s obscure, leaving gaps for the audience to fill in themselves. There are many important and great storylines from the show missing in the film which could have made it far more exciting and even iconic. Hardly any Jessie. Loads of Skyler. Decent amounts of Hank. Hardly any Gus. 


How the project ended up being as decent as it was is an achievement in itself. There are vital moments, sequences and characters missing which I was disappointed about and couldn’t help but think if this film was 3 hours long, character development could have been higher and therefore moments could have been more emotionally impactful as they were on the show. This could have made it closer to a drug epic.

The Breaking Bad Movie – 3.5/5


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