Overlooked Soundtracks 2

Right now, I am simply going to list another five underrated soundtracks (in no particular order) with links to my favourite tracks from the albums. Hopefully you haven’t heard them or noticed them before and I have introduced you to some awesome new music right here. Also underrated is meaning I don’t hear a lot of nerds raving about them when they should. We safe? We safe. Here you go…

Firewatch – Chris Remo (Camp Approach)

The Kings of Summer – Ryan Miller (Rabbit Kill 9:51-12:36)

Logan – Marco Beltrami (Don’t Be What They Made You)

Arrival/ Shutter Island – Max Richter (On The Nature Of Daylight)

Uncharted 4 – Henry Jackman (Cut To The Chase)

Glad to get them out there. If you’ve read some of my previous write ups I constantly go on about how much I love soundtracks and scores. I don’t even listen to what is considered “normal” music. Normal music being The Stone Roses and Oasis which it seems all the “cool” kids are into nowadays. Cool being mainstream. Shots fired. I just listen to some Hans Zimmer (my favourite composer). God I’m such a nerd. This list could’ve been full of his work… But that is a list for another day! [insert evil laugh here]


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