3 Overrated Films


To my full acknowledgement I am about to write about three films that millions of people love and I don’t. The films on this list are widely loved across the world but I don’t. Remember that film is subjective and each individual person will react differently to a film. Let’s just appreciate each other’s opinion. If you like these films, very well, I disagree and I think we can live with that.

Captain America: Civil War

This film just didn’t do it for me. When I first saw the film I had to fanboy after in order to hide the fact that I kind of didn’t like the film. I just thinks it’s very convoluted with lots of forced characters, never really reaching the dramatic heights I wanted it to. This was supposed to be civil war (the important word being war). I never felt it reached this. I wanted to feel like these people are out to kill each other. Maybe a bit too dark but it’s what I wanted and didn’t get. And it’s just not re-watchable, I get bored. Age of Ultron is better than this in my opinion but that’s just what it is… my opinion. Hopefully Infinity War really captures the war feel.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World 

I love Edgar Wright. His trilogy with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is comedy gold in my opinion but when it comes to this film I kind of hate it. It’s just in your face all the time and irritatingly quirky. I can see why people like it as they are the reasons I hate it but that’s just another opinion. Film is subjective after all. I can appreciate the style and the cast the film was made in but I couldn’t get attached to any of the characters and found Scott just unbearably weird. I am weird myself but this film never takes a break and just really goes for it. But I respect it for really going for it as that means staying true to the source material that fans love. Me? Not really. But that’s just my opinion.

The Godfather 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to sit down and watch this thing. I’m not going to complain about it’s length as some of my favourite films of all time are The Lord of the Rings’. To me this film is just boring. I know this is a really strong claim to make being the film buff I am but I just can’t get into it. The furthest I’ve got is half way and then I just cash out. I’m not saying the performances are bad, from what I saw they were good, it’s just the overall film itself I can’t appreciate. It just seems to go on and on and I have no idea what’s going on or who is who and what they are doing and why they are doing it. It’s sad I can’t appreciate what many people call one of the best films of all time but again… it’s just my opinion.


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