Top 5 Pinnacle WOLVERINE Moments (Spoilers)


Wolverine had now left us and it’s sad news for quite literally everyone. So I’ve decided to look back and list 5 moments from Wolverine’s time on film which I believe are quintessential for the character. I have included clips but do not own the rights to them.

5. Weapon X (X-Men: Apocalypse)

4. The Pin-Cushion (The Wolverine)

3. Wolverine vs Shingen (The Wolverine)

2. Protecting the Limo (Logan)

There isn’t any footage of this scene as we all know the film has only just been released so I’m going to have to resort to description.

The only way Logan can afford medication to take care of Charles is by being a limousine driver. He even sleeps in the limo in order to do so which is when five thugs attempt to steal the rims from the vehicles wheel, forcing Logan to take action and kill them all in the most brutal way we’ve seen yet. 

Seeing his desperation not to leave a mark on the car and his desperation to help his father figure really sets the tone of the film and instantly became a pinnacle moment and one of my favourite Wolverine scenes.

1. “Go f**k yourself” (X-Men: First Class)


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