Remembering Wolverine (Spoiler Free)

Yesterday at around 10:30pm I waited to see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine for the last time. Around 1:00am was the last time I saw him. Around 2:00am yesterday I laid in bed with this thought on my mind. It made me so sad. I am currently 17 years old. I was born in 1999. The first X-Men film came out in 2000. This means that for my entire life I have been watching this man play this character on screen. 

I grew up with Wolverine for all these 17 years and now knowing that I won’t be seeing this character I so love on the screen for the first time ever again it breaks my heart. Growing up Wolverine was the main superhero I would look up to. A big tough sweetheart (something I will never be). I never imagined his reign will end. All my life I’ve been able to look forward to an X-Men film, good (days of future past), average (the last stand) or bad (origins) I was always guaranteed some perfect Wolverine action. 

Only now, looking back do I realise how much Hugh Jackman has been a part of my childhood. The X-Men franchise isn’t the perfect film series but you’re damn well sure that Hugh Jackman is the perfect Wolverine, becoming the character more and more with each film and consistently giving fans and the average audience a hypnotic performance as a brute with a big heart. 

In Logan we see him like we’ve never seen him before and Jackman gives a performance on par with his oscar nominated performance in Les Miserables. I never doubted he was Wolverine, making Logan the most immersive film I’ve seen in a long time. 

I’m finding it really hard to put into words how sad I am that he is done with this character. I just feel like everything I’ve said is complete cheese but I promise, looking back now it is the truth. I’m so sad that it’s only now I’m realising how much this character means to me and millions of people around the world. 

The most perfect casting ever. No matter what happens with Wolverine now, it will never be Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is the only Wolverine I know and will ever know and I am happy to say that. There are many great and diverse actors in the world but Hugh Jackman was born to do one thing. He was born to be an X Man. He was born to play James Howlett. He was born to play the Wolverine. He was born to play Logan. 

I am truly sad he has now done with the character but I respect him for leaving on Logan. A great send off. Thank you Hugh Jackman for the memories and for taking all of us on the ride of a lifetime. Fuck I’m sad now. 


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