Logan – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


The best cast for any X-Men film. I said it. Yes Days Of Future Past had a massive and star filled cast but this focussed story and its three protagonists we focus on really knock it out of the park. Patrick Stewart gives the best performance I have seen from him. Truly heartbreaking and (yes) adorable. X-23 is so good too. A great and brutally charming performance. Yes this film is brutal. I know people have been saying it and I just thought they’d be overreacting… they’re not. Dear God it’s brutal. What we’ve seen in trailers is nothing. From the first scene you know what you’re in for and sets the tone so harrowingly. The tone of this film (especially its first two acts) is something else. I have never seen a film like this before and I never will. To see the characters we love like this made me tear up (specifically three times) and very nearly cry.


Very nearly cry. So close. Then something extremely jarring and out of nowhere happens. If they had hinted at this thing happening it would have been so sad and tense but they didn’t and instead it was so sad and then immediately jarring. Instead of being like “Please no” as a build up, I was like “WTF” as a reaction. Not a shocking WTF, a confused WTF. It really did take me out of the film. Which is why for its last act the film never reaches the heights of emotion and complete immersion the first two had. Plus the ‘main villain’ disappears half way through and then re-appears at the end. Hmm. 


Logan is not a perfect film but it very well could be. The first things I said to my friends after sitting through the credits in silent were “It was going so well”. I admit I was disappointed initially after seeing my most anticipated film of the year and I don’t agree with the supposed ‘Oscar buzz’… yet. However, looking back I think one day I could get along with the decisions made and to give it to the filmmakers the decision was ballsy. So many The Last Of Us vibes. A film like no other. From drama/ thriller to horror in a blink, Logan really does show off Wolverine the way we should have been seeing him for the past 20 years.

Logan – 4/5

No I didn’t mention Hugh Jackman. That’s because I’m going to write a special article on his time as the Wolverine and how I love him so much for giving us one of my favourite characters in film history and a hero of mine. Thank you Hugh. 


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