3 Changes to Improve LOGAN (Spoilers)


I saw Logan in an exclusive screening at my local cinema. It has been almost 24 hours since I saw it and my reaction had changed from “it was going so well” to “maybe I love it”. Though my opinion is changing I still think it could have been better so here are some changes I would make. Baring in mind I do like how the film turned out. 

3. Forget about X-24 and Dr. Rice

Having two wolverines in the final wolverine film doesn’t really make sense to me. When they’re both played by Hugh Jackman it doesn’t make his final outing as special when there are two Wolverines taking the spotlight. If anything, have a twist where Pierce is X-24 and they have a showdown at the end. I know that’s not the best idea but to me it’s better than having two Wolverines. Dr. Rice took over from Pierce after his introduction but Pierce was simply just better, more interesting and less stereotypical evil scientist mofo. One villain all the way. Focussed. Also don’t give him a CGI death. Let Laura cut him in half after he basically kills Logan.

2. Laura only speaks at the end/ The End

Having Laura not speak throughout the film was a really nice touch. Makes her character more mysterious and animalistic. When she eventually does speak it’s a really good moment which I honestly didn’t see coming. However, if she doesn’t speak until Logan is dying and the first and last thing she says in the film is “daddy” (like she did in the film) it would be truly and utterly heartbreaking. Even after she had buried Logan she would stand there in silence and alone (because I didn’t like the inclusion of other mutant kids). She walks off, alone, and the camera lingers on Logan’s grave longer. 

1. Logan kills Charles 

If there’s no X-24 then there’s no horrific farm scene. Well here’s how I’d sought that out. Those massive combine harvester things are brought up but never come into it again. At night (just after Logan has medicated Charles) one could stop working and Logan could go to check it out, going a good distance from the house. We’ll be thinking it’s Pierce luring him out but it actually is just broken. When Logan goes back to the house he finds the family all dead. He runs upstairs to check on Charles and Laura. Laura has just given Charles more medication. When Laura is sleeping Logan and Charles could have their heartfelt chat and Charles (knowing that even the medication can’t stop him now) asks Logan to kill him. Charles knows he’s a danger and that they’re better off going on without him. You could follow on from this by having Laura hate Logan for killing him but then forgives him at the end when she realises she is losing her daddy. 


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