Mafia III – Mini Game Review (Spoiler Free)


The core gameplay of the game is very entertaining. Not going to deny I did feel like a complete badass most of the time I was making my way through a group of enemies, taking them out with a silenced pistol like some John Wick mofo. Felt good. The roots of the games story are strong with good motivation and some strong story aspects are experienced. Mafia II references come into the game with one reveal that had me giggling with joy. Won’t ruin it for you but a character other than Vito returns. Maybe more than one. Maybe not. Could be trying to throw you off.


The gameplay is good but very very very very very very very very very very repetitive. Basically every mission is the same. Fight people and kill or interrogate the boss. Though it is very very very very very very very very very very repetitive, I still continued to play on until it was complete. The world in which the game takes place looks decent on the surface and is promising but in the end I’d just very bland. Just boring. With very strong bushes. This is the most glitchy PS4 game I’ve played and I’ve played the infamous AC: Unity. Cars crashing into nothing at rapid succession until they blow up. Characters looking like the alien from Under The Skin. Just very glitchy. 


Mafia III – 3/5


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