Moonlight – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


The performances here are all solid. I wouldn’t say they’re anything special or outstanding for academy award nominations but they are all solid. I can see why the cast have got nominations but I think there have been better performances out this year than the ones we got in this. Don’t get me wrong, they were good. Especially Naomi Harris but she wasn’t in it much cancelling out recognition and was never able to reach dramatic heights. Maybe that’s because they were going for a more grounded look. 


The film does drag for a long time. I found myself waiting for the next step in Chiron’s life to come along because I know we’d be closer to the end. I kind of feel bad for saying it but nothing really happens. It never reaches the dramatic aims I hoped it was going for. It’s another film like La Haine where nothing happens but stuff happens but I have to say La Haine did it better. Lighting was a bit off also.


I appreciate the story this film told throughout its runtime. It never shoved its message in the audiences face and didn’t get too political. Though I might have liked seeing something like this to be honest. The sound and music was solid but I dint think I’ll be watching this again any time soon. Overrated in my opinion but still good. 

Moonlight – 3.5/5


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