The Lego Batman Movie – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


The first 30 minutes of this film are straight up hilarious. Just roasting everything I love about Batman and DC and it was beautiful to witness. From the first black screen I was laughing. The constant references DCCU and it’s characters and studio are amazing. Everything we as an audience laugh at outside of the theatre but on screen. Love the Bane and Suicide Squad jokes especially. Hilarious. THEY EVEN TAKE JABS AT MARVEL!!!!


The last act (minus the final 15 minutes) did drag and I just wanted the film to wrap up. It was amazing to see the Lego throw-down we got but would have been better shorter. Short and sweet. But then again the whole film does drag a little after the amazing opening.


This doesn’t happen…

The Lego Batman Movie – 4/5


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