The Founder – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Michael Keaton is predictably charming as Roy Kroc in this film. Another good performance from Captain Jean. He’s good in everything so whatever the film is, if Michael Keaton is involved you know you’re getting a good performance from him. I guess the burgers look nice in the film. All the food we see looks like the food we love. I like burgers. 


This film is very repetitive. Just a load of phone calls with the same conversation and outcome for two hours. Same back and forth with the wife. It is really just a very very repetitive film. I also think it wasted potential in introducing other well known things on the menu. You could have at least introduced Ronald McDonald (the clown). 


For a film about McDonalds they say Dick more than they do the actual name of the bloody restaurant. But it did make me want a McDonalds and so I had one right after the film ended. 

The Founder – 3/5

Is there just a documentary on this because I think that would be better than it being a film. This has an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes?! Huh…


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