A Monster Calls – Ending Explained (Spoilers)

A Monster Calls is the latest film from J.A. Bayona and I have to say it is fantastic. I’ve seen the film twice now and loved it even more the second time round. The ending is beautiful even if it is unclear.

The Monster has been helping Connor throughout one of the hardest parts of his life as his mother is dying of cancer. The Monster arrives and tells him stories on how to change and cope with this tragedy. In the end Connor’s mother sadly passed away. Connor returns home and looks through some of her old illustrations. Including one of her and a monster… Connor’s monster.

“Whaaaaaat?” Said the average movie goer. “That makes no sense.” It makes perfect sense and once you figure it out it is beautiful.

The most important thing to know here is the casting of The Monster. Liam Neeson supplies his voice and star power to the tree and also to another character. Connor’s grandad. We see Conner in the middle and end of the film looking at photos. Pay attention and you’ll see Liam Neeson with Connor’s mother when she was a child.
We know from Connor’s mother (Liz) that his grandad passed away before Connor was born which means Liz must have been young as she had Connor when she was young. This explains why she is a little girl in the drawing. 

The Monster is Connor’s grandad/ a representation of his spirit. He had come to help Connor through the hardships of losing a parent with the same stories (as we see by the illustrations) he used to help his own daughter after losing him. 

This adds a whole new and massive emotional layer to the film which gives the film a much harder punch than his mum passing away. I hope this cleared everything up for you that were confused. Thank you 🙂


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