The Edge of Seventeen – Mini Review (Spoiler Free) 


Woody Harrelson is great. I think we all know this anyway but I just need to say it. He’s great delivering bland humour and as an added bonus, bland humour is my favourite humour. I’ve seen Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit but she has really come into her own here. Don’t get me wrong she was good in True Grit it’s just she is really good in this. She did her job in creating a likeable, sympathetic protagonist. Also, a relatable one to me. Always good to get a film about the ‘loser’. Accompanying these two performances is the witty dialogue the script gives them. Funny but not shove it in your face funny. Chuckle funny. Chuckle funny is good.


Only big gripe is it’s predictability. Even then it doesn’t go as far into predictability as I thought it would but what do you expect from a film like this. We have seen it before and it doesn’t do anything majorly new. But does it need to? Not really but I always like a little switch-up. Didn’t get it. Minded but didn’t mind. Makes sense.


The Edge of Seventeen – 4/5


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