Hacksaw Ridge – Mini Review (Spoiler Free) 


Andrew Garfield gives his best performance so far but I think we all called that. I haven’t seen Silence just like everyone else so I can’t compare this with that performance. His accent was good and his physical performance was solid but it’s all in his facial expression. Excellent, oscar worthy acting. Mel Gibson’s direction was fantastic. I can’t back up the return to form claims as I’ve only seen Braveheart but here it was great. Especially in the fighting scenes which were very very close to perfect. Sound design was something I don’t usually pick up on but it really stood out to me here. All the pings of bullets shone out the booms of the explosions. Little details in sound that really sold the horrors of war to me. 


There was no shying away from horror here. Yes it is dramatised for entertainment purposes but it is as violent as a war film can get. Comparisons are undoubtedly going to be made with SPR but I think this showed war in a more horrific way than we’ve seen before. Vince Vaughn! Who knew! Bloody hilarious and a solid performance as an actor all around. 

Hacksaw Ridge – 4/5


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