Manchester By The Sea – Mini Review (Spoiler Free) 


Casey Affleck better win best actor at the oscars this year! He was so fucking good! So subtle and withdrawn. Amazing. People complained it’s too subtle and withdrawn. That’s why it’s good! I saw a real person at the cinema last night, his name was Lee Chandler. The dialogue is also so true to life. Interrupting others talking in phone conversations. Saying “same difference” instead of “same thing”. Forgetting where the car was parked. It’s all here, and it’s all great! The use of sound and music was great also. Some scenes carried by the music alone. 


Only gripe is it felt too long and that might effect re-watchability but that’s it. I guess Michelle Williams as she’s been nominated but she’s only in it for 10 mins. Nothing else. Ummm… Yep, that’s all folks. 


Long takes immersing you in the real world of this film. Real people, real situations and funny (but still real) dialogue coating the dark centre of this film. So sad but so heartwarming. See this film in the cinema. Favourite film of this year so far. Yes, better than La La Land. 

Manchester By The Sea – 5/5


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