Firewatch – Mini Game Review (Spoiler Free)


The dialogue (by Sean Vanamam) in this game is crazy good. You could argue it’s the main thing that carries the film. In fact, I believe it is. Simply through dialogue we learn about the games characters and it doesn’t feel like exposition at all. It’s fluent and just having the two protagonists talk is addictive to listen to. The Story is gripping and had me never put the controller down from the moment I began playing. Some could argue nothing happens but for some reason, the small events that happen feel big, and you feel as if you are there yourself. Shout out to the prologue which is so simple yet so great. The choice in game design and colour is flawless. Is it the most realistic looking game ever? No. But it’s not meant to be. It looks so beautiful that I held back on the in game camera unless I wasted the amount of photos I could take on a beautiful shot for it to be topped by another. I had loads to spare. This game is gorgeous.


The only major complaint I have with the game is that it is quite short. As I said, once I picked up the controller I never put it down. I get headaches really quick whilst playing games and just towards the end of the game the headache began to arrive. I must have completed it in 3 hours. But what a ride it was. 


Rich Sommer and Cissy Jones are perfect voice actors for the leads of Henry and Delilah. Charming, funny and charismatic as any happy couple. The score by Chris Remo enhanced the gaming world with wonder, but also had me feeling giddy with how tense it got and giddy with how scary and emotional it got. I have no idea how this game worked? It’s so restricted on almost everything yet I felt completely free. And as for the ending many people have a problem with. I thought it was good. Not what I wanted, but good.

Firewatch – 5/5


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