6 Sentimental Songs

The Last Goodbye (Billy Boyd)

You probably guessed this from the thumbnail so let’s get it out of the way. This song was made for the worst (but still good) Middle Earth film; The Battle of the Five Armies. Nevertheless, I remember being so excited for this film and it coming out whilst I was in comp/ high school. I listened to it on repeat in my dreaded GCSE PE lesson (why did I take that subject) and it takes me back there every time I listen to it. And for some reason, I love it. 

Grace Kelly (MIKA)

I don’t remember quite how old I was, but listened to this song countless times on a weeks holiday in a caravan in Whitby. That week was so good for the child version of me. A few days with my grandparents, a few days with my cousins and a few days with my best friend. He cries when he left so I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed that holiday. That week is one of my fondest childhood memories. I just wish I could relive it all again. 

Mr Blue Sky (ELO/ Electric Light Orchestra)

Love and Monsters. The one episode of Doctor Who I watched countless times at my dads house for many years. Mr Blue Sky was a big part of that episode and just listening to it takes me back to that house. Surviving on frusli bars, pineapple rings, vitamin C tablets (not as serious as it may sound) and square pizza. Good times. 

I See Fire (Ed Sheeran) 

Yes, another Hobbit song. The Hobbit franchise started my film obsession so what else can I say. Let’s go back. The Desolation of Smaug had just been released and one month later I go on one of my best school trips. Just a weekend in London, but what a laugh it was. I love London, so going there with the best back row of a coach anyone could ask for was ace. Sitting on that coach, riding round London, singing I See Fire with a dear friend of mine is why this song means so much to me. Takes me back and makes me sad ’cause of it. 

Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)

This is a simple one… riding round in my dads van. Cramped in next to my sister listening to some right bangers. Depeche Mode. The Who. Elton John. ELO. Just driving in that van was a big part of my childhood. Where to? No where in particular, it’s just great looking back on it and listening to some pure anthems. Thank you Depeche Mode. 

Everybody/ Backstreet’s Back (Backstreet Boys)

Back when me and my friends were innocent and had freedom, we would listen to this song at every party/ gathering. We would all get together and just go ape shit. To end the party or just at the right moment, this song was played. 1 Week Later… Backstreet was back (sort of). 


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