Trainspotting – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


Kind of predictable with me and my love for film music, however, this time it’s a soundtrack not a score. The songs used throughout the film are all great on their own, but also work really well in the film itself. Danny Boyle’s direction is one of the reasons this film has become a classic. He shows what drugs really feel like, like no one else ever has or will. This film would not be what it is without his direction and I’m so glad he took it on. Robert Carlyle (to me) is the highlight of the film. Begbie is an all around iconic character of British cinema. His freak outs and characterisation are spot on and make a truly scary character that (for some reason) you root for. The film has a 1 & 2 part structure. The first half, showing what drugs are like in many films. The second half, delving into the darkness and horror of what drugs really do to someone and the people around you. 


Obviously Ewan McGregor is solid. He’s solid in pretty much anything. Even the prequels! The effects on the film were all practical and mesmerising and haunting to witness in some cases. Special shoutout to Underworld’s Born Slippy. What a song. Go now! Listen! BOYYYYYYYYY!

Trainspotting – 5/5


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