Sherlock: Series 4 – Mini Review (Spoiler Free) 


Episodes 2 & 3 were amazing. Some of the best episodes Sherlock has offered us. From start to finish they were engaging and had you thinking. Constantly paying attention is necessary for the episodes and that is a good thing. Toby Jones offers a truly disturbing and darker villain than we’ve ever seen before. Yes, more than Moriarty himself. I want more TJ, he was absolutely incredible and shook me to my core. This series really went for the tense/ darker feel. It did not hold back in any of the episodes. Characters were never at rest and were almost always in danger, bringing me to my next point. This series more than anything was character driven. The cases didn’t matter as much, it’s what Sherlock, Watson and the others did in those situations they were put in and what they did do lead to some bloody good television. 


I’m afraid to say my only big gripe with this 4th series of Sherlock is how they built up and handled Moriarty. SPOILER ALERT! It’s a cop out. He never was back. He’s still dead. He always was dead. Gun to the head… Boom! Dead. At one point it seems like he’s back and it’s awesome but no, he’s not, that was 5 years ago you fools. Did I miss him? I guess. Do I want him back? Not really. Give me more Toby Jones! He’s awesome! 


Cumberbatch is obviously amazing. Freeman is also obviously amazing. An incredibly underrated actor. I know Freeman has been getting big work lately but he needs more. He’s so human, that’s what great about each of his characters. They’re all genuine! #hotstepperfreeman. And to top it all of with some icing on the cake; there was restrained visual thought. *clap* *clap* *clap*.  

Sherlock: Series 4 – 5/5

And just in case you were wondering…

Sherlock: Series 1 – 5/5

Sherlock: Series 2 – 3.5/5

Sherlock: Series 3 – 3/5


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