The Phantom of the Opera (2004) – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)


I recently saw The Phantom of the Opera on the stage in London for the first time and was blown away. I will review the stage show but I recently saw the film and wanted to review that. Who knew Gerard Butler could sing? Not me. This film was before he became an action star however. He sings beautifully, and his version of ‘The Music Of The Night’ is my favourite. He gives a great emotional performance also, leaving me in tears. Not crying, but I was welling up and was the second time watching it. A large contribution to this was the music. Not the songs (to me) but the music. Especially the illumination of the chandelier at the beginning, the monkey music box and a theme at the end which I can’t say but it’s the bit that gets me the most. It’s just after the music box plays towards the end. Hopefully you can find it.


Something the film had that the stage production didn’t have was a future story line. It would cut back and forth to this story and it was jarring to me. I just wanted to stick to the story! It didn’t help that the flash forwards were in black and white. That doesn’t make any sense. If a flashback was black and white then that’s fine, but a flash forward? Makes no sense. I have to admit something. I tried and failed watching it before I officially watched it all the way through. I got about ten minutes in and it was just annoying me how it all was. Then I tried again and found the film is really cheesy until Gerard sings ‘The Music Of The Night’. If you can last to that then carry on because the rest is pretty good. 


I can’t say enough about ‘The Music Of The Night’. It’s such a great song. Really emotional, really well sang and it may just be the best damn song in a musical ever. It does get weird when you know that Emmy Rossum was 16 when filming this, and Gerard Butler and Patrick Wilson (Raoul) were in there 30’s. Hmmmm. Joel Schumacher’s direction and style is a little annoying at some points and really put me off but overall… Patrick Wilson… always a win. Minnie Driver…

The Phantom of the Opera – 3.5/5



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